Fashion, Menswear, Streetwear, womenswear

Croatian style

Dioralop collections are inspired by Polaroid pictures, which were created through intentional spills of chemicals and their exposure to different temperatures.
Inspiration is drawn from subcultures, street fashion and issues with an emotional impact. Every season designers like to tell stories in different ways, using ambiguous fabrics, proportion and silhouette. Dioralop designs are for person that is uncompromising, aware and individual.

Let me introduce you “4” their autumn winter 2013 collection

Dioralop Dioralop 1 - All Lambs Dioralop 2 - All Lambs Dioralop 3 - All Lambs Dioralop 4 - All Lambs Dioralop 5 - All Lambs Dioralop 6 - All Lambs Dioralop 7 - All Lambs Dioralop 8 - All Lambs Dioralop 9 - All Lambs


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