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Allen Taylor  by Darren Black
Hysteria Magazine

Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_2 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_3 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_4 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_5 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_6 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_7 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_8 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_9 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_10 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_11 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_12 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_13 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_14 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_15 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_16 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_17 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_19 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_20 - All Lambs Allen-Taylor-by-Darren-Black_189 - All Lambs

Modelo: Allen Taylor
Foto: Darren Black
Estilismo:  Mervyn Boriwondo

Hysteria Magazine

Fuente: Fucking Young


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